When the night falls, things happen.
That is when,
the hare leaps with joy to eat the peasant’s tender vegetables
That is when,
A shy girl walks freely to meet her lover across the field
And that is when,
An unscrupulous hand comes in and destroys everything!

She had breathed for this moment
since she laid her eyes upon this dress
Now adorning her dazzling form
One piece of white flowing garment
A slit upto almost her waist
Revealing a tan atheletic thigh
The V of her plunging neckline
Inviting eyes to her suple bossom
She’d known he’d love it
And now she hurried
Across the recently harvested field
Towards the banana grove at the end
The moon lending her her glow
The moon smiling secretly
She saw him leaning against a banana trunk
Staring at her mouth agape
It sent warmth through her body
To see the effect she had on him
But how breath taking he looked
A prince, only without a horse.
She ran forward into his arms
An hour later

He first saw her at her uncle’s shop
And he kept coming back for things he didn’t really need
Just to catch a glimpse of this angel
Again and again
He gathered courage and asked
The meeting was set two night’s later
The last day of the harvest
All would be sound asleep
He waited patiently, staring at the moon
Wondering what secrets it held
Then he saw her
Angel white
The enchantress
She smiled
And he wanted her, oh how he wanted her.

They sat on the ground
Cuddling and planning the future
She, laughing at his jokes
Him, admiring the gap In her teeth.
They get up to leave
Promises to see each other again.

Few days later She sits in the shop
It’s a slow afternoon and she daydreams
A missive is delivered
She tears it open in anticipation
‘ Dearest,
It’s with great sadness
That I pen this letter
Remembering we parted in happiness
But that’s about to shatter’
His parents, he said
Was the issue
Tribe, he let on,
Was their issue
Education, he added,
Was their issue.
He was a doctor, the elite
She didn’t have a college certificate.
He is to marry a doctor.
His tribe mate.

A dream deffered.

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