Smothered into a sick surrender
Figuring out how to put things back together
The relationships destroyed one sip at a time
By poison that for every reason I couldn’t live without
A coldness has creeped into my heart and on this very occasion we should be sharing together,
I’m penning  missive to you📝

Do you remember when we first met
I, the shy girl
Reluctantly relenting and surrendering to your smooth seduction
Trapped by your first kiss
Never to look back at the pain
Panning to stay numb forever
Living a dream
Atleast that was my plan
For in you I found a new home
A new family and
Learned new skills coz you gave me,
A liquid education
Mixing your flavours with chemical precision
You brought out the woman in me
Confident of my beauty
And bold of statement
While we were holding hands in darkness
Lips and tongues together
Staggering Spadina Senseless
Sex in clubhouse washrooms, dance floors and hostel bunk beds
Passing out on floors and streets
A merry widow of straps and tangled limbs, you made me💃🏽

Engineering my own destruction,

But that, was okay with me.

It’s only your betrayal that has pierced my heart without rhyme or reason
Now I’m just another statistic
Of kids who fell for your witchy charms, Mr Alcohol.

My letter is to let you know that I’m letting you go
To find new friends who will let you do as you wish
Because for me I want another chance at life
I won’t end up dead in a gutter overflowing or my gullet slit in a thicket behind a serial killer’s den
Coz I’m leaving you Mr Alcohol
I can already see the wicked spite in your eyes as you read this
The hateful glare you’re casting towards my image in your mind
The sarcastic smirk on you fat face
You think I won’t make it.
You’ll be surprised, Sir.