I always know when I’m about to break a heart

Don’t mistake me, I never plan for it
But when they push me too hard I start to fall apart
And it’s true I hate that bit
When I have loved with my all heart
And taking me for granted becomes the new habit

I know when I’m about to break a heart
When they stop treating me like a queen
Coz they feel niko box already so no need for some effort
Hey, I’m queen in or out so to make that mistake don’t be too keen
I know what I deserve so don’t you start thinking of me as an R&R resort-
A luxury that you could do without

It’s then that I will run for the hills
And I won’t walk out quietly
I know how to break a heart with skills
No fury is there like that of a woman scorned, assuredly
So I will leave with my dignity intact while your heart blood spills
It will be a lesson to appreciate what you have wholly.