It’s not everyday that you fall in love with someone

But it’s quite possible that daily you fall for the same one
It’s a privilege to get to love someone who loves you back
And that’s so much because most people love those that don’t want them and shun those that do
So I don’t take it for granted that I have you
I hate to disappoint you
But a lot of times I’m carried away.
All I need you to do is help me keep on track and not let me stray
Coz if you don’t guilt and regret is the price I pay
It’s a heartful of hurt but every time I get up to try harder I say
I’ll just try again and it will work out some day
It’s coz I love you, I know you deserve first class
And I hope you ain’t fragile as glass
Coz it will take a while for me to mow the grass
It may take forever, it may take a couple of days
It all relies on you wanting to stay
And to help me.