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Dear Death

Do you remember how you gloated

In my face when you claimed my beloved

Recall my pain every morning as I woke

Hoping it’s a dream only to be suckerpunched

I so fear loving and holding

Because you don’t mind snatching

To your cruelty I’ve lost chances

Of a last word, hug, last gift.
I have so little left

My small circle of family and friends that I love with depth

Look at me and see the joy I get at seeing smiles on their faces

Share in my pain when they hurt

Rejoice with me when I celebrate their victorious races.
Here is a deal.

Get some nice clothes and come out here

Tip: the Devil wears Prada.

Your move: Versace maybe?

Go on dates, create a business empire

Join some clubs, make friends

Share your life with them

Do you wish to lose them?
Here is the typed contract.

Sign here………and here…….

When it expires,

We’ll pose the question

Has humanity been installed in you?

If yes,

I win. I get to keep my loved ones.

If no,

You win. I get to understand why you do it.