Sentimental Gems

there is beauty in feeling

Don’t love me


Don’t fall in love with me,
Lest I break you
Don’t give me a chance
To destroy the child in you
Don’t hand over to my careless hands
The power to tarnish your innocence.
Don’t give me your puppet strings
For I’m a cruel master

Get over my smiley lips
Forget you saw the tips of my cleavage.
Block out the image of my bare legs in stilettos
Pretend you didn’t glimpse me in my flimsy bathrobe
Convince yourself my embrace was a daydream
The stain on your collar can’t possibly be lipstick
Forget you looked into the windows and saw my twisted soul

Keep out of range of my tinkling laughter
Block your ears to my song
For my melody is enchanting
But my fangs are unforgiving
The best way to enjoy me
Would be to leave me well alone.
Save your soul.


How not to be a bitter person in life

No need to hold a grudge, It is poison to the soul

This I read in a novel I’ve just wound up. Being angry at someone will eventually lead to regret when they’re no longer there and you realize you lost the chance to spend time with them.
Bitterness is a cancer of the soul.
Give people a chance, and if you don’t want them back in your life, give them a chance to know they’re forgiven. Move on.

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Bitter Sweet Twist

I found you at the office
Looking for a reapplication,
You were dead to sin
But you lost the death certificate
The day she trapped you to the chair
Touched you there
Kinda feeling you didn’t know if to say halleluiah
Or hell yea!
Sin is sweetest when raw and guilty,
When it rips the soul and leaves you empty
And that sort she gave you plenty..
Started when she brushed her lips against your neck
The sensation made your spine shake
You wanted to get up and leave
But your eyes were stuck upon her cleave’
Your heart was overactive
You believed it was her spell that was active
‘Ever had of the frog theory, daddy?’
That singsong voice that got your brain foggy
Your palms were sweaty
So she knew, she could tell
It drove you mad, wanted to yell
But when the witch has cast her spell
You go blind
Much like the frog, as the temperatures climb
She laughed
A witchy laugh
That should have sent you sprinting
Yea, the frog too, won’t budge
When she was done with you
You’d died a thousand times over
So your certificate indicated you’d been offered her deathless death
And the morning after at four
There were cops at your door
You were chilled to the core
When the charges were read
You thought it was all in your head
And you’d wake up in bed
But the judge and the jury
Found you guilty without tarry
Of assault, rape and perjury
And you served your time cursing her sorcery
The bitter-sweet irony of your story

When the night falls

When the night falls, things happen.
That is when,
the hare leaps with joy to eat the peasant’s tender vegetables
That is when,
A shy girl walks freely to meet her lover across the field
And that is when,
An unscrupulous hand comes in and destroys everything!

She had breathed for this moment
since she laid her eyes upon this dress
Now adorning her dazzling form
One piece of white flowing garment
A slit upto almost her waist
Revealing a tan atheletic thigh
The V of her plunging neckline
Inviting eyes to her suple bossom
She’d known he’d love it
And now she hurried
Across the recently harvested field
Towards the banana grove at the end
The moon lending her her glow
The moon smiling secretly
She saw him leaning against a banana trunk
Staring at her mouth agape
It sent warmth through her body
To see the effect she had on him
But how breath taking he looked
A prince, only without a horse.
She ran forward into his arms
An hour later

He first saw her at her uncle’s shop
And he kept coming back for things he didn’t really need
Just to catch a glimpse of this angel
Again and again
He gathered courage and asked
The meeting was set two night’s later
The last day of the harvest
All would be sound asleep
He waited patiently, staring at the moon
Wondering what secrets it held
Then he saw her
Angel white
The enchantress
She smiled
And he wanted her, oh how he wanted her.

They sat on the ground
Cuddling and planning the future
She, laughing at his jokes
Him, admiring the gap In her teeth.
They get up to leave
Promises to see each other again.

Few days later She sits in the shop
It’s a slow afternoon and she daydreams
A missive is delivered
She tears it open in anticipation
‘ Dearest,
It’s with great sadness
That I pen this letter
Remembering we parted in happiness
But that’s about to shatter’
His parents, he said
Was the issue
Tribe, he let on,
Was their issue
Education, he added,
Was their issue.
He was a doctor, the elite
She didn’t have a college certificate.
He is to marry a doctor.
His tribe mate.

A dream deffered.

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The Man who’ll marry me

The man who’ll marry me will be a man of pages,,,
Not the crammist type spitting book facts, but one of the sages,,,
A well read intellectual endowed with wisdom of the ages,,,
A travelled one, well versed with civilization beyond continental edges,,,
That is to say, one not confined by traditional cages…

My man will have the smile of a strobe light
Flashing off his teeth to soar my spirits high
I’ll always look forward to it even as dusk draws nigh
Melting my hear as i await the cove of the night
For him to be mine to hold with all my might

The man who’ll marry me will have a heart of gold
Caring and embracing all to his fold
And to his credit he will be bold
His great exploits a story to be told
As For me his praises I’ll sing till we both grow old

He will have a broad chest
I’ll always lay my head there to rest
Listening to his heartbeat as we jest
I’ll tease him as a test
For what will follow is a matter i lay to rest

My man will have to be sufficiently tall
Providing the services of his height when i call
I’ll douse his soul with warmth so for me he’ll always fall
My man will be adequately tall
Just enough to make me feel like a doll

You’re mine and I’m yours I’ll tell him
I’ll whisper in his ears as the lights grow dim
I’ll not need to see it but I’ll feel his face light up like a beam
And the swelling of our hearts will be told by the upheavals of our chests, our rhythm
I will guard our love jealously, like a phantom

Behind the hazel eyes

You don’t know what goes on behind those hazel eyes
Behind the suits and ties
You can’t see into my soul
Neither can I yours so no foul
‘Cause my eyes are tinted windows
Keeping in the storm that billows
I’ll never meet your gaze
And if I do you’ll just see a maze
You can’t see through the haze
My soul’s twisted
Unforgotten hurts listed
Tears never shed,
Guilt over wrongs never righted
And truths never told;
Anger, at scores never settled.
Behind these hazel eyes
Beyond the suits and the ties
Is a thick glass so cracked
With smudges of fingerprints it’s caked
Standing between me and my inner soul;
I can’t reach my own self
I can’t find me,
I’m a stranger to myself.
How do you expect to know me?
I can’t show you me
‘Cause I’m not there
I don’t know who’s inhere‚̧
My soul deserted me
Where could it be?
What is my soul hiding_
A turbulent past,
Subconscious fear,
Or a scary premonition of the future?
I’m detached from my soul,
My very essence.
Who I’m I then?

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